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FREE Printable Fortune Cookies - Valentine’s Day

Free creative printable Valentine’s day Fortune Cookies and personalised Gift Tags to spoil your loved one or someone you secretly admire.

We’ve created printable Fortune Cookies and personalised Gift Tags to add to the Printable Cards as a free download to celebrate the launch of Good Golly Studio! We have even added step-by-step instructions below to show you exactly how easy it is to make the printable Fortune Cookies. You can download by using the links below and either print at home or take it to your nearest print shop.

You will need:

Pair of scissors
Double sided tape
Paper Print out preferable on a 200g uncoated paper

Step 1

Cut out the circles and messages, using a pair of scissors.

Step 2

Fold the circle in half and crease only about 2cm in the middle.

Step 3

Place a piece of double sided tape, approximately 1.5cm, as shown. Peel the top layer off.

Step 4

Put your index finger on the crease and push the opposite parts of the circle towards each other. As you see the shape of the fortune cookie develop, put the message inside before finally sticking the two sides together.

And it is as easy as that!

Illustrator & Designer: Comien
Contact us to discuss your personal card requirements.

Printable Valentine’s cards for personal use only. All rights reserved.

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